Vacation is the best time to Workout!

Just another day in paradise!


We all nee a break sometimes right?  To rest, relax, and recharge.  Our lives are busy…  (Or, maybe not! You might be someone who’ll use every excuse to not workout… Lets be honest here!)


Vacation is the perfect time to workout.  You HAVE time.  You’ve literally just scheduled time for fun. Maybe you have a full day planned of lounging around in the sun, jumping off an epic pirate ship, or stuffing your face with food. ( I don’t recommend this by the way, but I know you’re going to do it… so again lets be honest. ) Why not include taking care of your body?  Keeping some goals in check?


Get up in the morning, enjoy the sunshine, find things around you to utilize, and just go for it.  You’ll be happy you took the opportunity!




I just had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Pirates cove.   It’s located in Boulder City Nevada.  If you ever get a chance I highly recommend staying there.  My husband likes to refer to it as the ” ADULT” Disney land.  Even the kiddos will have a blast. Never a dull moment from water slides, roof top gaming tables & teeter totters, basketball courts… Just wandering around checking out all the awesome pirate themed rooms is an event in itself!   

What they also have is lots, and lots of stairs! So I created a workout utilizing what I had available to me. Here is a break down of the what I did. I also filmed the workout on Face Book Live.  Check this link out to see a demonstration of the movements. ( And my glorious vacation hair! )

Set up:

Find some stairs. It could be in your hotel stair well, where ever.  If you don’t have a yoga mat with you to lie on when you’re doing abs, grab a towel.  The session is broken down into sections:  1. Warm up 2.Cardio 3. Arms 4. Legs 5. Glutes 6.Abs 7. stretch/cool down  Each section has 3 or more major movements. (Except for Cardio) Each movement is done for 12 reps and repeated 3x’s, with a 10-15 sec. break in between.  I only did one round of each section for timing purposes, but if you want the full effect you’ll want to do 12 reps and 3x’s of each section.

Warm Up:

  1. Double jump/double pulse squat
    1. jump center 2x’s landing in a wide squat
    2. pulse 2x’s
    3. back to center
  2. Standing quad stretch for 10-15 sec.
    1. calf stretch against the stair 10-15 sec.
  3. High knees or run the knees up into the hands 20-30 sec.


  1. Run up and down the stairs
    1. up is 1 down is 2, run up and down 12x’s


(Nothing like the basics)

  1. Push ups
  2. Triceps push ups
  3. Find a stair for triceps dips


  1. Inverted calf raises both feet, using the stair to lower and lift the heels
  2. Lift the left foot, calf raise on the right
  3. Switch sides, calf raise on the left
  4. wall sit


  1. Wall heel press
    1. Stand with your back to a wall press the right heel into the wall as you contract your glutes
    2. layering each contraction on top of the last no release 20 sec each leg
  2. Glute lift center
  3. Lift the right foot flexed to the ceiling, glute lift on the left side
  4. switch to Left leg to the ceiling foot flexed, glute lift on the right side


  1. Hollow body
    1. Lie flat on the floor, arms to the sides, palms to the ceiling
    2. lift the chest, legs, and arms up as you push your navel into the floor
  2. Roll up
    1. Lie flat arms over head, anchoring heels into the floor
    2. roll up to touch the toes then slowly lower back down
  3. Lift and lower the legs
    1. Lie flat, legs to the ceiling, feet flexed
    2. anchor the arms to either side of you or create a diamond with the hands placing under the lower back
    3. lower the legs to the ground as far as you can without your back lifting
    4. lift the legs back up

I always like to end my workout session by stretching, but  you’re on vacation and you can end your workout how ever you want!

So, now you can’t use vacation as an excuse for skipping a workout… There will be those who’ll find another excuse, but hey I just eliminated one of them!  I’ll take that as a win!