More than just a Gym

More than just a gym

More than just a gym, means we  provide education, community, a support system, as well as amazing group fitness classes!

Staying fit and active doesn’t just involve exercise.  The common saying ,” Fitness is a lifestyle,” is true.  Physically there are four key elements to being healthy. 1. Nutrition 2. Physical fitness 3. Rest 4. Stress management. For a more in depth description of each key element. Check out this article from Healthy Lifestyle Living.

Our digestive health contributes to our nutrition as well.  If we’re not properly digesting our food, we’re not properly fueling our bodies.  That’s were probiotics play a huge factor.  We had Avisae come and do a digestive health class after one of our Barre  classes.

Avisae has a whole line of digestive products that can help out with many issues we may run into.  Here’s a little questionnaire  to look over.  Does any of this look familiar to you?Health questionnaire

Being more than just a gym means trying things out for our clients

I answered this questionnaire and at least 7 of these items apply to me.  I’m not going to say which ones, because I have to keep a little mystery!

“Mystery creates wonder, and wonder is the basis of Man’s desire to under stand,” – Neil Armstrong

I have also been taking some of their products.  morethanjustagym


Key Benefits:

  • Aids healthy gastrointestinal flora
  • Improves digestive function
  • Restores healthy bacteria
  • Reduces bloating and intestinal ass production
  • Improved metabolism
  • Assist in bad bacterial detoxification
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improved skinmorethanjustagymDigestwel+

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures optimal digestion of food components for increased nutrient absorption
  • Improves digestive function
  • Reduces gastric reflux and intestinal discomfort
  • Assists in the prevention of weight gain
  • Promotes immune healthblissmorethanjustagym


Key Benefits:

  • Improved Mood & optimism
  • Emotional Energy
  • Rejuvenated Sleep Patterns
  • Sharpened Mental Focus
  • Lessened stress and Anxietyweight loss supplementReduce

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes a more efficient metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
  • Supports thermogenesis for a more efficient use of calories
  • Helps reduce appetite
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levelsmeal replacement

Daily indulge

Key Benefits:

  • Maximizes protein delivery and absorption
  • Helps you feel full for a longer period of time
  • Promotes digestive health

What did I learn?

It had only been two and a half weeks before Avisae came to teach their class.  But, this is what I discovered.  First it’s not a quick fix.  I actually felt worse.  I was bloated and uncomfortable.  Which really freaked me out.  “Why would she keep taking those products?” Is what you’re probably thinking right now.  Well, because after that initial week I did start to feel better.  The reason I was so bloated and uncomfortable was due to the bad bacteria in my gut being eliminated.

Like I said, I did start to feel better.

Two things I noticed a change in are 1. More energy.  Nicole and I pretty much live @EtudeFitness  as well as have families to take care of.  My body gets tired and I have been diagnosed with depression .  When I say tired it’s not like I can take a short nap and be fine.  It’s an exhaustion that I couldn’t fight if my life depended on it.  A 3 to 4 hour nap wouldn’t even help at times.  I did take antidepressants for a while, but I honestly didn’t feel like they helped so I stopped taking them and tried to fight it myself.  Unsuccessfully I might add.   After using the Essential love your gut kit I wasn’t tired anymore.  Which come to find out depression and anxiety can actually be linked to a bacterial imbalance in the gut!  The more you know…

2.My cramps during my period were horrible!  Using my period as an excuse is not in my personality, but I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die my cramps were so bad.  I carried an excess amount of Pamprin with me everywhere!  Taking way more than I should. Four Pamprin at a time every couple of hours for 3 to 5 days.  I took the recommended dose twice this time around,  because I wasn’t in as much pain.

The results I’ve seen so far are worth continuing taking the products.   In time I’ll have more to share.

What have other’s learned?

Jen Kauer, one of the “Love your Gut” representatives has a very emotional experience that she shared on Études event page on Facebook.  Take a look at what she’s gone through.   Looking at her I see a bubbly, out going, adventurous person.  But, we all go through things that are hard for others to understand.  Fixing her digestive issues was just what she needed.

We took a serious subject that effects all of us (Digestive issues)some of us too uncomfortable to mention anything, and turned it into something fun by laughing and getting our Barre on!  Encouraging our current clients, and hopefully new clients and friends to educate them selves.  Being “More than Just a Gym”, also means more than just pushing products.  Étude encourages everyone to speak with their doctor about any ongoing issues they may have regarding their health, and try what works for you.  This is what has worked for me.

and plie

Everyone is different inside and out, so find what works for you.





Written by: Jordan Wardle