More about Étude and the LOVE of what we do!

Congratulations! Today is your day.  You’re off to great places you’re off and away!

– Dr. Suess

Grand Opening was November 5th 2016!




Everything that has gone into Etude has been a labor of love.

From the Logo :

Étude Fitness/Yoga

An arrow with a diamond in the center actually means ,” COURAGE”.

To the workouts which we create through learning experiences.



 To our education:

We believe in ourselves, but we also want our clients to believe in us as well.  Both of us are certified in:

Barre – Through The American Barre Technique

                                                                                  Group Fitness Instructor – Through Ace


                                                                           We are currently in the process of gaining

                                                                  our certification for Omni Ball – Through FEWDM


To the products we sell:

There is a rhyme and reason for everything we do.  We chose alo yoga –


  Because they have quality products that last, and are worth the money

spent on them.   Each piece compresses, lifts and shapes the body,

while keeping muscles warm, enabling the wearer to perform at

their maximum. Everything is anti-microbial and dry-wicking.



One of the main reasons we chose UINTAH COLLECTION is because they are local right here in Utah.  Also, their products are unique and comfortable.  In UINTAH’S bio on their website it directly states,               ” Uintah embraces the importance of one’s uniqueness and gives each

woman the platform to be seen for the natural beauty they are.”

Heather and Janie UINTAH’S  creators truly embody this statement



Not only is the bottle a great looking earth friendly water bottle, but they partner with

Global Water

to help create clean water systems in third world locations.


   EDJE ACTIV is fitness apparel born at the Barre.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the

collection revolves around flattering cuts with an inspirational

signature.  Comfort with a contemporary spin.


HIPPIE RUNNER head bands –

Because we sweat! And we want to look cute doing it.  These headbands

are not only unique with their bright designs and quirky quotes, but

they are the only headbands we have found that stay put on your head!                       20161003_181207







We met Jennifer at the “Wine Run” in SLC, UT.  Étude and Jennifer were both vendors

and got to know each other.  We love her and her beautiful jewelry. All of her pieces are hand made with real stones.

LilahV –


Étude discovered LilahV at a flea market in down town SLC, UT.  We loved the concept behind

the wish bracelet and the cool funky quotes. “Live as if limits don’t exist”.  The arrow

is part of our logo and fully embodies following your dreams.

And last but not least, EMPIRE DANCEWEAR –

Located again right here in UTAH.  They were very instrumental in helping us get our

oursLogo and designs printed on our own shirts/sweat shirts.

There’s nothing like seeing Your own ideas come to fruition.

We created the designs and worked with them to

make sure our logo-ed apparel was just right.





Even the design of our floors were a process of deep consideration and meaning.

We separated the logo and littered diamonds and arrows on the concrete.

An arrow by itself represents direction and focus.

 The diamond represents strength.


To watch some of the process of creating the floor click the link below for

a cool video!


It has been a long process but we are excited construction is completed. (Something we also participated in.)

“If you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty, you don’t want it bad enough.”

– Étude.


Every one has choices to make everyday.  Our choice to start something new and adventurous is exciting, scary, brave, and a whole list of other emotions.  We hope you’ll choose to include us in your fitness adventures/life adventures and come check us out.  Our pictures don’t do the actual studio justice.  Our bright bold colors encourage an uplifting, energized feeling.  We welcome everyone with open arms promoting and environment that is intentionally kind.  As we choose to make every day a good day we hop you will too. etude