Man Crush Monday


We Barre and We like things Pretty!

“Good morning!” I chirp as a dazed and confused guy walks through our Teal doors, to our completely “girled” out boutique fitness studio.”

           Welcome to another dimension…  Where girls rule and strong is beautiful!  And guess what boys?  We like pretty sparkly things!  That look of confusion as a guy walks into our space as if he has gone into the women’s bathroom instead of the men’s is priceless.   Don’t let the facade fool you.  We mean Business!

Hence the introduction of  ” Man Crush Monday“.  The first Monday of every month we invite all you handsome men to come and check out what we do for FREE!!! Yep, that’s right come check out any class all day long for FREE!!!

                                        You can’t knock what you haven’t tried.

 And, it’s all fun and games until the cute little Barrina  turns you into a sweaty pile of goo.

Two “Man Crush Monday’s” down,( We’ve only been open for 2 months) and we look forward to

many, many, more.

Need a second opinion to make up your mind?

Well there’s nothing like hearing it from someone who’s actually been here.

Let us show you that sugar, and spice, and everything nice can kick a little ass too!

See you next ” Man Crush Monday” boys!


The girls from Étude!