Fitness Fears

” Do I step on it?”  That scale that hides in the deepest, dustiest corners of your bathroom.  Brooding, lost, and forgotten.  It might just leap out and bite you for neglecting it for so long. ” NO, yes, No!” You argue with yourself as to whether or not your want to know how much you weigh.  It’s just a number right?  A horrible, monstrous number that threatens to eat your soul once you step on that scale!  All of your fitness fears start circling inside your head, making you a little nauseous.

  “I’m gonna do it!” You shout out loud to yourself.  Maybe if you shout really loud in your most ominous voice the number won’t be so bad.  Like you’ve scared it away.  Making the number pretend to be smaller than it really is.  Everyone has a “goal” number or weight they want to hit.  It can be devastating when you know you’re way off from where you’d like to be.  Whether you’ve worked hard or not.  At times sending us into a depression that causes us to succumb to our “Fitness Fears”.   

So, you strip down completely naked.  Just letting it all hang out! “Good thing there isn’t anyone around”, you think to yourself.  Staring at yourself in the mirror, wondering how you even got to this place.  “Do other people see me the way I see me?”  Self deprecation is easy.  It’s always easier to focus on the negative than it is to acknowledge the positive.  You want, no you need that number to be as small as possible.  You’re willing to do what ever it takes to make that happen.  Even stripping down to your birthday suit, removing all your jewelry, whatever it takes! But is that all it takes? Are you willing to do what it really takes?  Being healthy takes commitment, and consistency, it’s WORK.  Another cringe worthy word.


So often we get in our own way.  We know what we want, but still we let our fitness fears freeze us in our tracks.  Giving ourselves a list of excuses as to why we can’t do something. We can’t be healthy, we can’t be active, we are who we are, and we can’t change or better our selves.  It’s like we accidentally stepped into wet cement, and then got stuck there as it dried.  How do we get out?  Do we secretly not want to get out?  It’s safe here in the cement, almost like a cocoon protecting us from whatever it is we’re afraid of.  Using our list of excuses as an extra layer of protection, as a result hurting ourselves.


List of Excuses we tell ourselves:

  We all have to start somewhere, and we’re all scared of something.

One of my “Fitness Fears” is being the center of attention

 I’m a pretty quiet person.  I’ll jump in when I need to, but letting someone else take the spot light is more my style.   Now it’s my job to be front and center.  Being a fitness instructor and business owner I’ve been thrust (by choice)  into a position that requires me to be social and in front of a lot of people on a daily basis.  Causing major anxiety, butterflies in my throat… not stomach but throat!  As a result my voice would crack, like a teenage boy going through puberty.  Also causing the muscles in my right cheek to quiver.  Why the right cheek?  Who knows, but I would try to turn so the left side of my body was more visible because I didn’t want people to notice.

  I’ve been asked a couple of times how I got over my uneasiness and anxiety.  Well, I  would talk to myself in my car.  I’d recite the workouts like I was teaching the class.  When I stood in front of the class instructing people I didn’t know I’d pretend as if I was  someone else, like an alter ego.  I think Beyoncé’s alter ego is “Sasha Fierce”.  I haven’t given my alter ego a name, but now it’s a part of me.  No more pretending, almost like it is naturally who I am.  Now, I’m not suggesting everyone goes around pretending to be someone else, but find what works for you.

We did a Live Confabulations the other night with two of our amazing clients and discussed some of their


(it’s a real word… the dictionary is your friend! There’s an app for that!) 

  How they got over their fitness fears might be different than what you would do.  Just like a specific diet may work great for me but not for someone else, over coming our fears is unique to each person as well.  So, find what works for you.  Alissa and Amy took that first step and  now Alissa and Amy come to class regularly, and have been for the past six months!

Alissa is almost to 100 classes!  (I’m so proud of you!)

 We even discussed goals, and leveling up.

If we don’t continue to push ourselves and challenge ourselves we become stagnant, plateau, stop growing.

Check out our conversation through these Live Facebook Videos.

There’s two videos because we had technical difficulties while filming.  Per usual… 

CONFABULATIONS! #chitchat #goals #freestuffutah #talkingfitness

Posted by Etude on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Confabulations round 2

Posted by Etude on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

  Maybe seeing and hearing someone else who has had the same fitness fears and struggles will help give you the courage to take that first step.

 The first step to being a healthier, happier you!

– Written by:

Jordan D. Wardle